Trusted Resource

Possibly the most important reason clients turn to B&B is trust. We understand the intricacies and demands of the meeting/conference industry, and our services are tailored to match those demands. Depending upon the scope and nature of your project, B&B's technical team will partner with project managers to:

  • Maximize visibility by insuring proper equipment placement/viewing dispersions and minimize reflections. Address technical issues -- compatibility, power requirements, cabling.
  • Enhance the design and structure of the set and staging with intelligent lighting systems capable of projecting colorful, moving light patterns and logos.
  • Ensure every word, is heard through the design and placement of audio systems specifically for your event.
  • Ensure their presentation is reproduced with the color, intensity, resolution and impact with which it was originally created.

B&B has provided audiovisual services to discriminating corporate clients for the past 10 years. Many of our clients have experienced first-hand the appeal of a strong audio-visual presence during an event.