Exceptional Service

Equipment is the medium by which we provide our true product -- service. B&B is proud to be represented by the best service professionals in the industry. Each member of our technical team is well versed not only on the operation of equipment but knowledgeable on trouble-shooting techniques as well. Furthermore, each is experienced with conference protocol, union regulations and trained in the fine art of customer-service. Whether a meeting, conference or trades show, our focus is the same -- the success of your endeavor.

Other integrated service functions include coordination of both local labor and union labor to ensure timely and responsive service, on time set and strike, as well as on-site service for the duration of the event. The final reason why companies choose B&B is our post-show service. Unlike in-house AV vendors, or local vendors who do not travel to your next port-of-call, B&B evaluates the effectiveness of the entire program in terms of equipment, service, delivery and execution at the conclusion of every show.

By actively seeking ways in which we can improve our efforts we can demonstrate to our clients how they can have greater impact. We also serve as an audiovisual resource for clients, keeping them informed on new technologies appropriate for their presentation. Best of all, B&B travels where our clients need us, locally, nationally and internationally.

B&B has provided audiovisual services to discriminating corporate clients for the past 10 years. Many of our clients have experienced first-hand the appeal of a strong audio-visual presence during an event.